Under night in-birth Exe:Late『st』

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Under night in-birth:exe late 『st』
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Полное название
  • アンダーナイトインヴァース エクセレイト エスト
Серия игр Under night in-birth
Издатель Arc System Works
Платформа Аркады
Дата релиза 23 июля 2015


Update re-balances the gameplay and introduces a new Cross Cast Veil Off system. Update adds characters Nanase and Byakuya to the arcades. A new character Phonon also joins the fight.

История патчей

Version 3.0 (July 23rd 2015)

Nanase and Byakuya from the console version have been added A new character Phonon has been added The new story segments from the console version have been added to Arcade Mode A new cafe stage has been added "Mutual Situation", a new Hyde VS Seth song has been added Cross Cast Veil Off has been added. Activate by pressing A+B+C during a certain attacks, except during Infinite Worths Training Mode is now the same as in the console version Game balance has been changed and some characters have gained new moves


Promotional Video

Under night in-birth:Exe Late 『st』


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Under night in-birthUnder night in-birth:Exe LateUnder night in-birth Exe:Late『st』