Under night in-birth

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Under night in-birth
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Полное название Under night in-birth
Серия игр Under night in-birth
Издатель -
Платформа Аркады RINGEDGE 2
Дата релиза 20 сентября 2012

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Первая игра серии. Была впервые запущена на японских аркадах 20 сентября 2012 года.


Игра была выпущена с 10 персонажами.

История патчей

Ver. 1.00 (20 сентября 2012)

Ver. 1.01 (4 октября 2012)

  • Effects changed for Chain Shift when done with more than 6 blocks of GRD
  • Using a Chain Shift with less than 6 blocks of GRD won't reset the combo limit anymore
  • Compensation Fluctuation Value for Chain Shift has been changed
  • Amount of EXS gained from Chain Shift has been changed
  • Automatic gain of EXS gauge has been changed
  • Amount of GRD you get from using Assault has been changed.
  • Increased recovery for jump attacks when blocked with Shield
  • Increased invincibility for Veil Off with maximum charge
  • Fixes on other minor bugs

Ver. 1.02 (1 ноября 2012)

Ver. 1.03 (19 декабря 2012)

Important Changes:

  • Eltnum Uni:el added as a playable character
  • Auto Recovery now has an EXS Bonus based on how long combo you've gotten hit with
  • Remaining time of GRD Break can now be seen
  • EXS you get by taking damage is now determined by how long combo you were hit by

System Changes:

  • Infinite Worth now always takes 200% of the EXS
  • Amounts of ground bounce and wall bounce now reset after the end of combo
  • Neutral Shield now has shorter recovery
  • Chain Shift is now easier to input
  • Dash Attacks are now easier to input
  • Increased the amount of GRD you get from blocking an overhead
  • You can reduce the remaining time of GRD Break by guarding or getting hit


  • Carmine Uni:el's "Pierce through!" maximum amount is now 2
  • Carmine Uni:el's "Dissolve" now consumes health even if the opponent interrupts the move
  • Vatista Uni:el's "Sidereus Fragmentum" won't detonate after it has been blocked 5 times in a row
  • Seth Uni:el's Infinite Worth's kicking part won't gain EXS anymore
  • Hitbox of Hilda Uni:el's backstep's landing part was fixed
  • Hitbox of Eltnum Uni:el's airthrows landing part was fixed
  • Eltnum Uni:el's Cutting Sync's B version is now special cancel-able when blocked.

Ver. 1.05 (14 марта 2013)

  • Added support for SEGA's "ALL.Net P-ras MULTI" system and Aime cards
  • In-Birth Front opened

Ver. 1.06 (11 апреля 2013)

  • Fixes on operation stability


Promotional Video

Arcade Opening

Under night in-birth — 2D-файтинг
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