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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (ブレイブルー クロノファンタズマ) - следующая часть из серии файтингов BlazBlue, разрабатываемая компанией Arc System Works. Новые локации, музыка, озвучка, новая игровая механика, и 4 новых персонажа. Старые персонажи перебалансированы, добавлены новые удары в мувлист. Спрайты и портреты персонажей перерисованы.

История расскажет нам о подвигах Sector Seven, и завершит сюжетную часть истории о Шести Героях из прошлого.

Трейлер, Опенинг



Новые персонажи

Благодаря Rachel Alucard, Noel Vermillion научится возвращать силы Mu-12, чтобы попытаться спасти Tsubaki Yayoi. Тело Nu-13 воссоздалось заново, благодаря её желанию соединиться с Ragna The Bloodedge, и она стала чем-то, что Hazama называет Меч Ада (Sword of Hades). Хазама перенастроил Ню, так что она снова сражается против Рагны и других.

Изменения и новые игровые механики

The following have been removed from BlazBlue as of Chrono Phantasma: Gold Break Bursts Guard Primers Individual Storylines

The following mechanics have been added to Chrono Phantasma:

  • Over-Drive: Each character has a new mechanic called Over-Drive. When activated, it gives enhanced strength and access to new moves unique to the character. Normally, Over-Drive lasts 5 seconds; however, at lower health, it lasts around 15 seconds and freezes the timer. The bar to use Over-Drive fills up over time, and can be used only when the bar is full.
  • Crush Trigger: Crush Trigger acts as the replacement for the Gold Break Burst. By sacrificing 25% heat (or in Hakumen's case, two Magatama) then pressing A+B, it will allow players to crush the opponent's guard during some moves. This doesn't work on the Barrier Guard, however.
  • Because of this, the Heat Gauge is now split up into four sections rather than two. Prior to Chrono Phantasma, Jin had a Heat Gauge with four sections, due to using 25% Heat to perform the D versions of his attacks.
  • The game will feature three main storylines to follow, with boss battles included, which will all come together for the true end.
  • Also, on the character select screen, when selecting a color palette for a character, players can see what the palettes look like instead of having to guess from three color swatches.

Разные мелочи

  • Chrono Phantasma has many changes in terms of some of the menu screens and themes. The character select has been greatly altered, going from all the characters aligned in a circle formation to now being arranged like a conventional character select. (i.e. rows and columns) This is similar to the transition of character selects that Guilty Gear X2 went through. In fact, the screen for Chrono Phantasma resembles the one for Accent Core Plus.
  • Chrono Phantasma's characters each have one palette that belongs to another BlazBlue character, some depicting some kind of connection, and with the latter character having in turn the palette of the former. The following are:
    • Ragna - Makoto
    • Jin - Izayoi
    • Noel - Nu
    • Rachel - Valkenhayn
    • Taokaka - Arakune
    • Tager - Bang
    • Litchi - Amane
    • Arakune - Taokaka
    • Bang - Tager
    • Carl - Relius
    • Hakumen - Tsubaki
    • Nu - Noel
    • Hazama - Platinum
    • Tsubaki - Hakumen
    • Mu - Lambda, despite her being absent from the game
    • Makoto - Ragna
    • Valkenhayn - Rachel
    • Platinum - Hazama
    • Relius - Carl
    • Amane - Litchi
    • Bullet - Azrael
    • Azrael - Bullet
    • Izayoi - Jin
  • Expanding on the concept of cross-character palletes, each character has a special palette based on Guilty Gear characters. The following are:
    • Ragna - Sol Badguy
    • Jin - Ky and Robo Ky
    • Noel - I-No
    • Rachel and Valkenhayn - Slayer
    • Taokaka - May
    • Bang - Anji Moto
    • Arakune - Eddie
    • Hazama - Venom
    • Relius - Faust
    • Carl - A.B.A.
    • Nu-13 - Justice
    • Mu-12 - Dizzy
    • Platinum - Bridget
    • Litchi - Jam Kuradoberi
    • Makoto - Order Sol
    • Hakumen - Baiken
    • Tager - Potemkin
    • Tsubaki - Millia Rage
    • Amane - Izuna
    • Bullet - Axl Low
    • Azrael - Johnny
    • Izayoi - Testament
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